Friday, September 30, 2011

The Jesus Serve

I've been thinking about how Jesus served and loved people here on earth. I'm kind of overwhelmed with a few things that I've discovered as I researched. He truly was someone who walked against the tide, went against the grain and rose above status quo. In a world where we are told to take two steps back from anyone who we don't like, offends or hurts us....Jesus took two steps forward to minister to them. The very people who betrayed Him were the ones He reached out to heal. His character is/was amazing.

Think about...

Peter's betrayal
Thomas' doubt
The sleeping disciples
Breaking bread with the disciples
The woman at the well
Soldiers at the foot of the cross

I'm reminded how His love looked beyond their hurt and betrayal and looked to the heart. A heart in need of something more. A heart in need of Him. Would His love have been perfect if He had written them off? Would His love have been perfect if He had moved on and forgotten about them? No...because perfect love has staying power. It is patient. It endures. It tries to see past the present and into the future. It gives people the benefit of the doubt. Perfect love forgives. Perfect love...a serving love...seeks to meet the real need and not get sidetracked by the traps of excuses and bad attitudes or wrong motives.

What a standard to live up to. In fact....I know I'm going to fail, but it's worth striving for....treating others with a love that's not our own....His love....what a privilege to know that kind of love in my own life...and get to share it with others. 

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