Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've been refueling. After nearly three and a half years of blogging. I took a little time off to refuel. I was at the end of ideas for blogging, feeling like I was empty...writing a bunch of nonsense and feeling some pressure from myself to write nearly everyday. I so didn't want to disappoint my readership or myself...not to mention God. So, after a couple weeks of very sparse writing, I feel ready to enjoy blogging again...with no pressure to write for anyone or about anything particular. Just journaling about life....the running, reaching and the resting. Hopefully you'll pick up something you can use along the way.

I've thought a lot about that feeling of emptiness lately. A friend of mine is emptying her house before her family heads off across the world to be nearly all her earthly possessions away(talk about emotional?). My gas tank tells me all too often that it's dangerously close to being empty. When I neglect breakfast, my stomach tells me it's empty. My heart has a spot that is empty because of my dad's death years ago. Emptiness isn't comfortable. We arrive there by different means, but the truth is the same. Life is draining. This world takes more than it gives. On our own we feel empty, dried up, useless, tired, dejected and somewhat worthless. On our own we believe a lie about emptiness.

God's Word tells us when we are weary, burdened, heavy hearted - to come to Christ and receive rest (Matt. 11:28). Rest from what?....the weariness of the world- The hardships that come by just being in this sinful world. The grief of death, the worry of tomorrow, the sorrow of wayward children, the loneliness of a broken heart...Christ says....come...sit your empty self right here with me and find rest. You are valued, loved, cared for, cherished, are my child. It's such a huge contrast to what we convince ourselves that emptiness is. Empty is where Jesus wants us. Empty is where we are most full.....of Him. Empty is the place of complete and utter dependence on the Savior. It's the place reserved for us at His feet. It's where we share the sweet fellowship of intimate conversation. Empty is good. Very good. The best.

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