Friday, September 2, 2011

Praying Hands

I just finished cutting out these handprints of 8 of my new students in my preschool class. Last night at Open House I had each child and their parent/grandparent/guardian trace their hands for us to use in a lesson and craft on the first day of school.

I was sitting here in my comfy chair watching Shark Tank while three under 9 year old girls ran through the house with Savannah and it dawned on me that I could be using my cutting time to pray for these students and their parents. Preschool isn't a big deal to those not sending a child off for the first time, but for those young parents or perhaps grandparents that are sending their four year old to me it can be daunting. I know. I'm there.

Am I doing this right?
Is he/she well behaved?
Does the teacher like my child?
Does my child have friends?
Is my child up to speed?
Is he/she having fun?
Is he/she learning...growing?

It's hard. Trusting someone to take care of your child is hard....whether you do it when they are 4 years old going off to preschool or 25 and getting married. It's hard to believe that anyone could manage to take care and love your kid like you do. And you're so very right. Our job as parents is unique, blessed, a privilege. No one can do your job as well as you do. But the fact of the matter is that we have to trust something...some ONE bigger and much more trustworthy than our humanness. We have to trust God to protect them, to lead us, to grow them, to guide us. It's amazing the peace God brings when we take all our issues to Him.

So this night of cutting out these sweet handprints has turned into a prayer time for those bigger handprints...moms, dads, grandparents who are working hard and depending on God for the wisdom and guidance to do their best at parenting....and maybe even for some who don't know yet or need to be reminded of how special and valuable they are to the Lord. May this year be a year that changes all that. May our class be a special expression of God's love for each family.

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