Thursday, October 6, 2011

Late Night Talks

I was at the church late tonight working when Bruce texted me and asked how much longer...he wanted to talk. There's been some stuff weighing on his mind and he needed a listener and a sounding board. So, within 15 minutes I was sitting in our front room...he in his cozy chair and I in mine...sharing the ottoman and conversation. He spilled and I took it all in. His joys, his concerns, his worries, his laughter. We shared words of hope and even frustrations. We talked about the kids...Steve Jobs We caught up. It's been a crazy couple of weeks. It felt good. Familiar. Comfortable. Easy.

These talks...all too infrequent...but so needed and loved...reminded me of how much the Father must enjoy it when His children send up their late night talks to Him. Does He sit and nod with understanding, share in our frustrations our sorrows and our cares? Does He wonder why we don't trust Him ourselves less or even at all?

How easy it is to exist in our relationships ...both earthly and spiritually....without really sharing these moments that make our days and weeks. The Lord is teaching me to be more attentive and to really take in these minutes that make up our hours and to enjoy, embrace and live them to the fullest.

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