Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Right Thing To Say

I'm not an overly depressed person. I don't usually stay completely overwhelmed by life's trials for a long period of time. I've learned through the years to surround myself with friends who will call me out on self-pity, inquire when I am in a funk and love me enough to cry with me...or tell me to get over it. I'm blessed to have a few friends who will be that iron-sharpens-iron gals in my life.

However....just like you (I'm guessing), sometimes life throws me a curve call and I get sad or mad and God sends just the right person to say just the right thing my way to speak truth, grace, joy and peace over my life.

Something like that happened the other day. I heard an encouraging word that not only blessed me, but Bruce too. Hearing that you are valued, gifted, talented, special, unique, hardworking, dedicated... not only did just the trick for our spirits but motivated us to keep at it...keep on, work hard. Sometimes you need to hear it from someone you know isn't just stroking your ego....but from someone who has taken a hard look and watched with a discerning heart...someone who has even walked in your shoes a mile or two. The last thing you or anyone needs to hear is a fake compliment...or worse yet, a complete lie.

I'm thankful for a man who was pure in motive, gave some wonderful insight, spoke a word in season and loved us enough to make the time to say something nice. It made me think a little about the times that God has prompted me to encourage or bless someone with a compliment or a good word. The Bible tells us that a good worker is due praise,  Christians should edify one another, and that a word spoken at the right time is beautiful. I'm motivated to really take a look around me and look at the many people that are doing wonderful things for the kingdom of God. Because, just like the soothing balm the words of an encourager were to me, a word spoken at just the right time, might be just the thing someone who is discouraged and disheartened needs to hear.

On a side note....sometimes when you're feeling sorry for yourself or having a bad day....speak an encouraging word to someone else and you may just find your day gets better too!

Leave a comment to share how you've been encouraged by someone else or if you have an idea that would encourage someone else. I'd love to hear it!

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