Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A head full of random

So if you've managed to survive the randomness that gets posted on this blog over the last few weeks and you're still with me....thank you! I was talking to a young man at church yesterday who said he's been reading my blog (which frankly scares me when men....young or old say that...since I never really gave a lot of thought to that.....I just thought only women would read it...) mainly to keep up with the Peru stuff and I warned him things can get pretty random here....So, Andrew, if you're still reading....this was what I was talking about!

Summer ....feels like it is just starting. Since the first few weeks out of school were pretty crazy getting things finalized for Peru, I don't really feel like we had a good grasp on the heavenly months of June, July and August. But now that we are back from the trip, have had a week to recover and are in the throws of VBS it "feels" more like the summers I know and love. If you know me at all....then you know that summer will bring some sort of decorating or renovating. I haven't quite decided what that will be yet since there's really not anything pressing that needs to be done, so maybe I'll just paint my old kitchen table with a chalkboard top and let the kids spend the summer creating fabulous chalk drawings for me. I'll be sure to talk before and after pictures....and if you've painted with chalkboard paint before and think there is a tip I MUST know....now would be a good time to share that.

What I need to be spending time doing is.....working in my yard. I have a weed problem that I need to get a handle on...but doesn't that just scream BORING. However, I do love, love, love the results of a hard days work in the yard. So, after this week, that will be on my to do list.

What I've been reading....Lori Wick is known for easy writing...which makes for easy reading. I've had a touch of a "bug" since I got back from Peru and have had some down time. I picked up "Cassidy", which is part of the Big Sky Dreams collection, last week and breezed through it in 24 hours. If you're looking for an enjoyable Christian Fiction book I'd recommend it.

What I've been thinking about....are some women's ministry ideas that I'll be talking with Pastor about soon. Excited that God is allowing me to be a part of organizing and leading the special group of women in our church and community. I've also been thinking about what I can do to live out the things God taught me in Peru.

So there you have it...the long and short of what's going on in my head right now. This time will pass all too soon and it will be time to think about colors and shapes and letters and numbers....But, for now, I'm embracing today....and all the things God has for me now!

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