Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Girl and The Boy

Savannah and Tucker.....

We're in the midst of a extremely busy-wonderful-tiring-exhilarating week of VBS at church. Don and April Claphan along with their daughter are with us and Don is doing a fantastic job sharing Mythbuster scenarios with the kids and already we are seeing the Lord work in little lives. It's beautiful to watch.

That being said, we started the week out wrong. Not intentionally, but after a late night reunion at Whataburger with the Claphan's and other friends, we didn't get the kids in bed at a decent hour on Sunday evening or Monday evening. So....Grumps and Grumpy, while extremely excited about VBS have been dragging a little more each day. So, last night we called in reinforcements for Tucker while we took our friends to dinner. Savannah went with us to visit with their daughter.

We were sitting at the local Mexican food place enjoying our chips and salsa when Savannah asked to go to the bathroom. She went. But when she didn't come back pretty quickly I went to check on her. She said she wasn't feeling good...but being the tough mom I am told her to go back to her seat, eat dinner and she would be fine. Besides....I had some leverage....she wanted red hair paint for her team spirit for VBS and walmart was the next stop after dinner. So, she went back to her seat, was feeling better, our meal was brought out, she ate, she threw up all over the table....yes, you read correctly....and then she spewed all over the table....NEARLY missing our friends daughter....but not quite. Yep...nearly...not quite. Geez...louise!!!

But...after that incident she was feeling GREAT! Well...of course she was....she had nothing in her tum-tum. So we proceeded to get all geared up for the red team at Walmart. We were perusing the craft department for face paint when Bruce came walking towards me with a panicked look...something that told me he had either knocked over something in the produce department or something was wrong at home....where TUCKER was. Yep...that was it. "My sister can't find Tucker". Um, that's not good. He reiterated this 10 times while I was standing there. Debbie, sister of Bruce, had called and said that they were playing and he hid and she couldn't find him and had even told him to come out....(even now, I'm chuckling because this is so TUCKER!) So after a few minutes she still can't find the little toot. Bruce grabbed the keys and was going to run to the house when finally....after 10 minutes or so, Tucker made an appearance. He is an expert hider....not so good on the seeker part. Relief rushed over Bruce's face....and in my mind I just chuckled....Tucker loves giving everyone a run for their money!

In the midst of all THAT.....Bruce invited our friends over to the house...the house that I have not touched to clean in several days since I have been sick. But thankfully, they looked beyond some dirty dishes, misplaced shoes and a little clutter and we enjoyed a nice evening of fellowship and Peruvian coffee. I like friends like that!

Now...the kids have been tucked in early....Savannah's feeling good, Tucker's been disciplined and I think the rest of the week will run more smoothly! We shall see! 

Thankful for these little people who add such flavor to my life! 

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