Friday, July 16, 2010

What Men Don't Understand

Recently I've been reminded of a few things that men just don't understand....

1. That even when women are not pregnant the sudden need for chocolate at 11:30pm can still happen.

2. That when we say "I'll be back in a little bit", that could mean 15 minutes, or 5 hours, depending on the amount of peace and quiet we are desiring at that time.

3. That when we go over to help a friend out with a garage sale, it's more about catching up than about how much money we make.

4. That is does matter whether or not the entire family matches for the family picture....after all what will happen if we don't coordinate!!! What does this say about the type of mother and wife I am???!?!??!??

5. That when I go out to eat with friends...chances are this will be an event....a drive out of town, dinner somewhere, dessert somewhere else, coffee somewhere....and if the need be a little shopping in between.

6. That it does matter if you wash the towels and the Sunday dress shirts together.

7. That allowing your kids to have a swim in the lake isn't the same as a bath on a Saturday night.

8. That educational television does not include ESPN

Disclaimer: Please note that I am vividly aware that some men DO understand these concepts, but those surveyed for this poll indicated these top 8 MISunderstandings amongst men. This blog is just here to provide help for the common good. :)

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Jaime said...

WE are laughing our heads off over here!! Thanks for clearing it up for THEM!! :)