Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My God Shall....

Supply my needs
Carry my burdens
Dry my tears
Do great things
Victoriously come again
Bring joy in the morning
Be exalted
Answer prayer
Encourage the Disappointed
Love the unlovable
Keep His promises
Make His way known
Be reverenced

....because HE IS.

I was reminded yesterday of His care for me. After stepping out by faith to do something scary, He proved Himself the provider, friend, supplier and encourager. Why do we ever doubt Him when He asks us to do something? I think of all the times I have wasted and missed the special blessings of obedience and hope that each time has brought me a little closer to trusting God more easily and fully. Thank you Lord for our patience with me...a slow learner in this walk of faith.

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Jinnia said...

What a beautiful reminder of who our Father is. I sometimes forget He is who He says He is! It's definitely a walk of faith learning to trust with all our heart. Thank you for reminding me who He is.