Friday, July 23, 2010

Change is Comin'

When I quit my job in June I dreamed of days of organized living, the smell of clean wafting through the air, children who were clean and neatly dressed, regularly vacuumed floors, weeded gardens, and clean closets. Then I woke up! Really? What was I thinking?

Reality is: kids who are covered in the most recent art project we have tackled....usually glue or paint, a son who finds no relevance in wearing anything but his underwear (when does this end?), floors that haven't seen a vacuum in a week, closets that must get cleaned out before they explode and a garden that is fried from our 100 degree heat. Yep...that's the Polaroid of my house.....BUT...

I figure after working from home for several years and my kids hearing "Not now.", "In a minute," and "Are you crazy? No! you can't climb the pantry shelves to get the cereal." ---It's time we had some fun. But July slips away, it's time to regroup, and get the house in order before school starts back.

We are headed out on a new adventure this year. I'll be teaching a 4 year old class, from 8:30-11:30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at our church school. Tucker will attend the 5 day program and Savannah will go to school there 2 days a week, while we continue to homeschool. I'm looking forward to it....but beware, there could be lots more talk about crayons, glue and art projects ahead!

So, if you are a teacher- homeschool, preschool, elementary or high school- I'd love to hear one tip you have for classroom management. Share them here and I will repost them with a link to your blog.


Jan said...

Sounds like you are creating wonderful memories for Savannah and Tucker and for you! Keep it up! Although some would disagree, a little dirt never hurt anybody.

Elizabeth said...

Practice, Practice, Practice! Get procedures in place on day 1 then practice them over and over. It may seem boring, but once kiddos know what to do it saves a lot of time and frustration. Trust me!