Friday, July 9, 2010

Reflections of Vacation

Over the weekend I am planning to post more pictures than most of you could possibly want to see of our vacation. But, because the camera is in the car and I am too lazy to go get it  I am tired, I will just post a quick wrap up of our wonderful week at Broken Bow.

1. We stayed in the Stephen's Gap area and it was absolutely gorgeous. Who knew mountains were just an hour and a half away from Texas! We MUST go back in the Fall.

2. We never set an alarm. One morning we all slept until 8:30.....heavenly!

3. We ate outside at a wonderful place inside the park where Tucker threw a french fry to a scampering squirrel and the squirrel caught it right in its mouth. Needless to say that was way too cool to Tucker!

4. My kids swam in a lake for the first time ever. Thankful we had water shoes to help soften the rocky bottom water.

5. Go-carts = nauseated kids and husband.

6. We grilled out every night we were there...which means I didn't cook at all.

7. We spotted chipmunks and 10 deer. And 36 roadkill items (sorry...I know it's gross, but it does help pass the time in the car)

8. Fishing... we found a beautiful spot to spend a couple of hours (pictures coming)

9. We drove an hour and a half north to Arkansas to more mountains and scenic byways. God's handiwork was abundant. We ate lunch at a mountain top restaurant and the view was stunning!

10. Family time....need I say more?

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