Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'll Pray for You

I feel like I've been saying "I'll pray for you" a lot lately. Friends hurting, sick kids, grieving loved ones, health issues...and the list goes on. There's really nothing else I know to say that comforts the heart more than those words..."I'll pray for you".

But how many times do we say those words and then never do it! As I reflected today on the many times I've recently expressed my concern about things to God in prayer, I was reminded of the great confidence and comfort that people gain from knowing others pray for them. I know personally that it encourages me to know others pray for my requests. It's also a blessing to hear how God answers the prayers we pray for others.

I guess today I just needed to be reminded that people count on me (you too) to bring their heart's cries to the Lord. For those who are hurting too deeply to speak the words God already knows, we can speak for them. We can be the echo of a mother's heart as she pleads to the Lord to bring her child back to Him.  We can be the urgent message to the Savior for the cancer diagnosis of a friend when she can't find the words. We can be the joyful shout to the Lord when He answers our prayers for healing or forgiveness or provision. We can have a part in a glorious conversation with a King who knows us by name.

Really, is there any greater privilege?

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Jinnia said...

Oh my, what a great reminder. I've a sister in Christ to pray for during her missions trip this week. Thanks for the reminder today!