Thursday, July 1, 2010

Decisions Decisions.....

I'm a planner....most of the time. We leave for vacation in 3 sleeps and we changed our plans for the 4th time late last night. Gee Wilickers! At first we were headed to Branson, but when we checked availability at our top 50 choices, there was nothing available for the week of July 4th. Seems lots of people like to Silver Dollar City it on the 4th. So we decided on Dallas. I mapped out a whole weeks worth of costly fun for the family to enjoy and then Bruce is reminded about a great deal San Antonio's Sea World is offering. This summer all kids can get in for $5 with each full price adult ticket. So we were San Antonio bound for 24 hours....until Hurricane Alex decided to hit. We figure heading South isn't going to be a good idea. So we were back to plan D (as in Dallas). I was good with were the kids. Until Bruce talked to someone about Broken Bow, Beaver's Bend area. He's sold on it. So today will be spent getting all arrangements made. You'd think we were very indecisive people....thing is....we don't usually have this problem!

I share all that to say....I've spent countless hours searching the Internet to make vacation plans. It hit me last night that some of the more crucial decisions in my life deserve that same time. So many times we feel rushed into making decisions that are forced or reckless. They may not be bad decisions but they really require extra thought, evaluation and PRAYER. Sometimes we just don't take the time to pray it through. We rationalize the pros and cons list and decide what's best for US. What I've found out recently is that what I may think is best for me isn't always what is God's best for me. There's a difference! God's best stretches us sometimes, it might be uncomfortable, and it might even be scary....but I'd take His plan over mine any day of the week.


Keelie said...

I think you made a great choice. that is where mom and dad's cabin is and our kids really like all the fun stuff to do there. I'm sure Bruce found this out, but there is a neat little train/horseback riding place inside the park, also a swimming beach. We like to play putt putt and ride go karts at the place in town. I also think there is a petting zoo by the go karts.

Best place to eat aroudn there, and it's really good, is called Abendigo's in Hochatown which is about 3 miles away from the park.

Have fun!!

Keelie said...

also (how could I forget) inside the park there is a wildlife center which we have kindly renamed "the stinky zoo" the restaurant inside the park is also good. get steak fingers. :) that's all my unsolicited advice

Jinnia said...

Wow Gina, you had a lot of choices and changes come up fast! I'm reminded by your post it's always best to ask God when we make our plans, no matter how small they seem. In your case, I wouldn't even consider vacation planning a small thing...hope you have a great vacation!

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