Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Remembering Logan

Today is the one year anniversary of Logan Matak. You might remember when I wrote this about him . I think mostly about the huge void left in the lives of his mom, dad, brother and sisters....and really everyone who knew him. What a loss for us here on earth....but what a gain for Logan. It's hard in my earthly mind to think there is anything greater than getting married, having kids, enjoying this life- even on my most spiritual days it's hard to fathom just how much BETTER heaven is going to be. I've tried thinking of the most perfect day and all I know is that HEAVEN will be BETTER.

Logan is experiencing that. Those chills that run down my arm when I am listening to a song of worship to my Lord.....Logan is getting to experience first hand....he's there!!! The feeling of great comfort I've been given over circumstances...even his own death...He gets to be in the very presence of that great COMFORTER. He's there...worshipping and probably wondering what all the big fuss is about him here on earth. We miss him. We miss his sweet, generous spirit. We miss watching him play baseball. We miss fishing trips, corny jokes, his special little trick he did and his love for the downhearted and hurting.

But....we are not without gentle reminders of the things that are eternal about Logan. His spirit. His love for Jesus. His love for people. His desire to honor God. So, for all those, who like me, are thinking of Logan today, I hope the good far exceeds the sorrow. I'm thankful this is not the end.


Heart2Heart said...


What a blessed tribute this was to Logan. It is so hard to remember what it must be like when our loved ones have moved on to heaven. Yet that is truly where I hope lies because God has promised we will see them again and Oh what stories I am sure they will tell us once we've reunited.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kathy said...

Sweet tribute, Gina. There is no way to erase the impact those like Logan have on our lives. Time does not erase their legacy, and that's the way God would have it. Blessings and care to those who are missing him today. Truly Heaven's gain.