Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Favorite Time of the Week

Some of you might think that my favorite times include time I spend with my family, juggling the kids, gardening, shopping, reading, working, decorating, cooking....(wow, I have quite a few hobbies!) but the truth is, I have a new favorite.

In January, our pastor decided to take a different approach to our Wednesday night service. It's always been used as a primary time to go through the prayer requests of our church family, but he wanted to change it up- to get serious- to focus on the priority of prayer....and not just the talking part.

I admit/confess (embarrassingly) that I was none too excited about this. I wondered what we were going to do to fill an entire hour (oh, how foolish I am).

Over the weeks, I have become broken, burdened and peace-filled. It didn't take long for me to have a new favorite time of the week. A few of the reasons I love this time are:

1. It's quiet...such a change from life. During prayer time, there's not even background music, which I normally love, but it sometimes distracts me from listening to God.

2. It's takes me a few minutes sitting there to really get reflective before God. Sometimes I don't even get there...depending on what's going on in my life..but at least it gets me focused in the right direction.

3. It's encouraging...we are keeping journals and watching God do His thing is absolutely WONDERFUL! He is answering requests weekly and it's encouraging to hear about them and document them.

4. It's edifying...sometimes we break into groups of 2-4 and pray together. I get to share with someone what's on my heart and they do the same. Hearing someone lift up your heart requests and pray for you builds you up.

Oh...there's more...I could go on and on. I love that it's a designated time for me to listen to God and then pour my heart out to Him in praise and adoration. An hour...that I thought would be boring...has turned into an hour that's not long enough!

Perhaps this has been too honest...I wish it wasn't true....but I wonder how many of us really don't put our full stock in the power of communicating with God. By now, I should be ashamed that I don't see how many prayers He has answered because I don't take the time to get still in front of Him.

I am thankful for a church, a pastor who sees and believes in the power of teaching this church to pray.

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Heart2Heart said...


I think we need to see more of this in churches as well as following up with the families that need this prayer. Perhaps they also need other things that they are too ashamed to admit.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat