Saturday, March 24, 2012

When Fear and Faith Collide

Can you imagine...They had just witnessed three days before the brutal crucifixion of their Savior. The bloody mess of a broken body...cleaned, wrapped and placed in the tomb. They had seen it with their eyes...their worst fears realized...confirmed. Death had stung. Mourning and praying and sadness and sorrow. Their beloved...the one who loved them more than even they could imagine dead.

And then....can you imagine....Coming to the tomb and seeing the stone rolled away...the emptiness of the grace exposed...the absence of a body wrapped. The defeat of the grave. The remembrance of a promise...the promise....the return of life...the Life....the beauty of renewed faith. The moment when onlooker's fear and faith collide.

Things haven't changed much have they? In this world it's easy to be captivated by our fears...even ones that are completely rational. But instead of the fears controlling us, our hearts should be focused on the promise. Does this mean our fears magically disappear? Nope. But it does mean that our heart is fixed on Jesus. You know Him...the one who never leaves us or forsakes us, the one who gives peace beyond measurement, the one who is the vine (our lifeline), and the one who abides in us and we in Him. 

Aren't you thankful His promises are bigger than our fears?  

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