Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shopping with a Missionary

So after seven heavenly days in the peach state, we headed to North Carolina to see one of my good friends and her family. They are currently living in Waxhaw, North Caroling at the JAARS training facility. Jaime's husband is doing his final training to be a missionary pilot in the country of Papua New Guinea. He will be helping take the Bible to areas of PNG that do not have a Bible in their language yet. They have an amazing story that has GOD written all over it. You can read more about it at her blog, My Head in the Clouds .

BUT, as spiritual as all that sounds, if you know Jaime, then you also know there are lots of fun moments when you are with her. And that being said, I feel a responsibility to give you an inside peek into what challenges a missionary woman faces in finding the appropriate clothing to take into a country like Papua New Guinea. I realize this is not a struggle all missionary wives have to deal with. But, in PNG it is highly offensive for women to wear anything that is fitted around the hips and waist, so with today's styles, this is a bit of a hunt.

So, when Jason and Bruce offered to watch all five kids for a few hours on Saturday evening, we did what girls Kmart...where they were playing some of the best jazz tunes of the 1980's! Here are a few of the outtakes from our evening:

We decided this might be just a wee bit much for the natives of PNG
We texted Jason about these...his exact words "that's not appropriate for anywhere". Darn.
"Booty" inflatable boot supports made us giggle....
and we decided these probably wouldn't be
 the best use of this missionary's money it is...the fashionable long cotton skirt...
in not just this color...but also blue and black! And they were on sale!
 It was a very profitable night for Jaime's wardrobe!

Pray for the Brewer's as they finish raising their support.
When we left they were at 68%. The goal is to have it all raised by the end of May.
I've never been happier to say goodbye to a good friend.
God has special...wonderful...amazing plans for them!

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Elizabeth said...

Our good friends from college are missionaries there too! Josh is a pilot and Amber is a teacher working through Wycliffe!