Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break Lessons

There were a few lessons that I learned on my first long trip with the kids by myself:

1. How much longer? and are we there yet? sound much better if you (the mom) have earplugs in your ears. This lesson was learned on this trip and will be experienced on the next one.

2. There comes an age when little boys don't want to go into the girls bathroom anymore. I'm guessing the age to be 6. Since that is the age of Tucker and he reminded me very loudly that HE was not a GIRL every time we stopped!

3. All Christian radio stations in the deep south do their Share-a-thons during spring break. Louisiana and Mississippi really need your help to keep Christian radio going....I had listened for so long I almost called in and committed money myself!

4. When the gauges on your car look a little wonky...it's nice to have a phone so you can send your husband a picture and he can forward it to the man who really knows how to fix your car.
notice left gauge....something ain't quite right...even I know that!

5. Sometimes mechanics are nice....especially the one in Brandon, Mississippi at the Buick/GMC dealership.

6. When a car catches on fire five cars ahead of you, it's going to be a hot, smelly, long delay....especially when the last exit was 14 miles back.

7. Douglasville, GA needs better traffic flow. I do not recommend stopping in their city to use the restroom (super gross) or get a drink. It took us 40 minutes to get back on the road because of crazy traffic.

8. I do not know how to use my defrost properly and should learn to do this before my next long trip. However, I knew there was a reason I had the kids pack their blankets. Sure came in handy when trying to wipe off the inside of the windows.

9. There are some times when jumping on the bed should be mandatory...like after 7 hours in the car.

10. Did you know that if your hotel key card and your cell phone are too close together in your purse that the security strip on the back can deactivate? I didn't know that either. Until I tried to reenter my room and had some...technical difficulties.

Good luck on your next trip!

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