Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break 2012

11 days ago the kids and I ventured out on our first ever cross country road trip with out Bruce. He was pretty anxious for us to drive to GA to see my family and after minor car trouble, getting stuck 5 cars behind a car fire in Alabama and horrible traffic, I kind of understand why! But, alas, we made it! Greeting us in GA was the welcoming committee of family...Andy, Amy (siblings), Pop and Jojo (stepdad and mom) and the three dogs...boxer pups Sadie and Clara Bell, and Maggie...the elder boxer.

We ate our fill of Papa Johns pizza and quickly understood there had been a reason my mom had brought all the siblings together...there was family business to take care of. She was ready to distribute the family pictures...our rather...she was ready for us to distribute the family pictures. So we spent the evening hours lovingly laughing as we divided up our childhood and even my parents childhood pictures.

Here's a few...but I assure you there will be more!!!

Here I am as the firstborn and only child...that only lasted 23 I figure this is worth remembering....not to mention my mom's hair is AWESOME! And's all hers...I asked. 

Here I am again...when it was absolutely acceptable to be chubby.

My favorite elementary school picture....check out the tan and those hair ribbons.

And this picture is just wrong. But it certainly explains where my son gets it from....

Gotta love him!

There's much more news from our Spring Break trip. For now...I think I've left you with more than enough...perhaps even too much. Good to be back home!


Jamie said...

Love the pictures and I am glad you guys had so much fun. Glad to have you back!

Anonymous said...

Loved having you all and am glad the pics are where each of you can enjoy them---but did you have to put the big hair pic on there!???? It's hard to believe that was actually --- stylish! Hugs, Mom