Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Turning six

This month we celebrated Tucker's sixth birthday....some of my favorite things from this past year are...

- His new obsession with all things Lego
- His snuggles
- His funny faces
- His independence
- The way he takes care of Savannah in a "big" brother sort of way...even though he's 3 years younger
- His love for chocolate!
- His help in the kitchen (loves to bake with me)
- His sense of rhythm

He will change so much in this next year. Kinda makes me a little sad. But there are new and wonderful memories to be made during this leg of the journey that will make his lifesong sing. It's exciting to watch him grow.

My prayer is for myself as much as it is for Tucker this year. May I be the kind of mother that God wants me to be for him. And may Tucker come to know Jesus in His time. May I  teach by my life more than my words so that I don't confuse him or lead him away from the things that really matter in this life. May we have fun and laugh and enjoy each other and at the end of the day thank God that He gave us this gift of family.

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