Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Recapping Christmas

One of the most memorable holidays I remember was New Years Eve 1999. I remember it because other than the birth of Savannah it was possibly the most sick I have ever been in my life. Diagnosis...FLU.

....That is....until this Christmas. Shortly after 10pm on Christmas Eve night, Bruce and I were sitting in the living room watching the news. Out of nowhere a sharp pain hit my stomach and to make a very long story short, I was in horrible pain for the next 24 hours, followed by mild pain over the following 24 and finally today...I'm feeling more human! My poor family suffered through with me...Bruce took care of all the cooking and cleaning up after Christmas and I laid on the heating pad, took pain killers and slept. I have NEVER been in that kind of pain EVER before. Tucker was left to guard mommy while Bruce and Savannah celebrated Jesus' birthday with our church family. Boy...this Christmas was nothing like I had planned!

But it reminded me that Christmas isn't about what we plan. It's not about the parties, or the traditions or even in some ways the church service. It's about Jesus...how He came. It's about a beautiful prophesy fulfilled and a heavenly angel and a virgin girl. It's about shepherds, wisemen, a star and a stable. In those quiet moments on my couch with Tucker on Sunday morning we talked about those things. We reviewed the story he's heard over and over. We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. And...yes, we celebrated Christmas.

I hope you and yours celebrated Christmas wherever you were...however you were!


Cara said...

Oh no:( I'm glad you're feeling better....My dad wasn't able to have Christmas with us, as he got hit with the stomach flu!

Gina said...

Thanks Cara! Hope your dad is on the mend too!

Ray Ray said...

Sounds kind of like my Christmas! Spent my Christmas morning in the ER!

Gina said...

Ray Ray....what in the world! Hope you are feeling better too!