Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Something Or Anothers

I've failed more times than not at making resolutions at the new year. It's terrible, embarrassing, disappointed and usually leaves me in an undesirable rebound position. So this year I'm not making promises. I've got goals but there are no deadlines. January 1st is a good starting day but truth be told, I've already started on a few of these New Year's Something or Anothers.

So, here goes-

1. Revamp current filing system for bills and important papers. Clean out ones we don't need and keep up with the filing on a daily basis so it never gets out of hand.

2. Eat out less.

3. Grow a container garden (yard gardening doesn't work for me since my yard is so shaded...been there, done that, wasted a ton of money...and was very sad).

4. Weekly Random Acts of Kindness with my kids.

5. Read from the Jesus Storybook Bible every night with the kids.

6. Find a hairstyle that I actually like. Don't laugh if you see me experimenting...LOL!

7. Pray for Bruce more.

8. Live more healthy...meaning make more decisions in the right direction than the wrong.

9. Keep track of and write my first 1000 gifts using the app on my iPhone

10. Visit the shut-ins from church more.

I'm sure these will keep me busy ...and some might change or get deleted altogether...that's the nice thing about making something or anothers rather than resolutions...or at least that's what I'm telling myself!

Are you resolving or making goals or promises or something or anothers for the new year? Whatcha aiming for?


Jamie said...

I like all of yours and I will be praying for you to accomplish them. I want to learn to relax this year. That sounds silly but I can never just "chill and relax". This is of course on top of the other thing that I have already started. :)

Keelie said...

Great list! Love the idea of "Something or anothers" I am focusing on finishing things this year....and asking the question "why" before I speak, type, etc. Why am I really doing what I am doing...

Here's to 2012--we will do something or another! That's for sure. LOL!

Gina said...

Great goals girls!

Tammy_Skipper said...

thanks for stopping by my blog, I love the direction of your list for this year...isn't the 1000Gifts app great?! I wrote more about the process I use to set goals today

Praying that you grow personally, spiritually throughout your journey to accomplish these!