Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where Rest Is...

I guess I didn't know I was exhausted. I guess when I said "wake me up in 30" I thought that would be just enough to save me from myself. I guess when I fell face first into the bed, pulled the covers up over my head and shut the world out I had no idea how tired I was. But an hour and a half later I woke up startled in a house way too quiet. What time was it?

That was me....yesterday. I couldn't function. I needed sleep like a baby needs a bottle. Whatever the reason was, I got what I needed. Sleep....rest....refreshment.

Rest is different from sleep. Sure it is. We've all slept before and awakened only to find out we didn't really rest. We tossed and turned and dozed and slobbered but we woke feeling as if we'd had a fight with a professional boxer.

Sweet rest is when your mind isn't cluttered or worried, when you've given things over to the Lord, where your conscience is clean. Rest is when you wake up feeling good...rested...alert. Your productivity is up and your drowsiness is down. It's a feeling of "I can tackle the world". Energy, a clear head, relaxed muscles and a rested body. It's a good feeling.

Last Sunday I was reminded how often I take for granted those opportunities that God gives me to rest. He's given a whole commandment to us in His word regarding the importance of taking some time to rejuvenate this body. Why do I fight against it so hard? Why do I think my way is better? I'm striving harder now to obey. His way is perfect. His way is best....His way brings perfect rest!

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Kathy said...

I'm learning to receive His rest His way, Gina. It's interesting how He seems to vary how He gives it. Love learning with you!