Friday, October 14, 2011

Fear Factor

There is a girl who is scared. She doesn't know just what to do in this great big world yet. She's too young to really worry about it...all she knows is it scares her. Loud sounds, quick movements, unfamiliar territory...all things that can shake her up in two seconds flat. Today she faced a fear. With a trembling body she boarded a bus to go on a field trip. She beat her fear. She conquered the bus. At the end of the day when the trip was over and she climbed down still really didn't matter how scared she was now....she beat the bus. She won!

I was so excited for her. I was thrilled that she took this huge step in a positive direction. I wanted to jump up and down for joy because I knew this was huge for her. Mom and I exchanged knowing looks and mom said..."We do a lot of praying". And I thought to myself...."so do I."

It hasn't been too many years that an awkward 14 year old girl trembled as she sat at a piano to play in church....not for a special occasion...but as the church pianist. I remember feeling like I could throw fact I might have a time or two. Our music director didn't realize how terrified I was and had no idea that when he threw out anything in more than 2 flats or sharps I hyperventilated. has such power over us. It paralyses, handicaps, freezes, manipulates, and transforms us. But it doesn't have to win. I was wondering today as I watched the girl face her fear, if in anyway my reaction was similar to Christ's? Does He stand there with His arms held out helping and encouraging us to take the first step? Does He cheer for us even though we were shaking the entire time we faced the fear. Is Jesus standing there interceding on our behalf when we take that step of He saying "We do a lot of praying"? I imagine so....because on our own we are unable to face fear and win. He's the cheering squad, excited and prepared for us to take His had for that very next step.

He can beat your fear.

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Christi said...

Love that outlook - Jesus is our cheerleader, cheering for us to take the next step.