Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Everyone Needs Compassion

According to the dictionary, compassion is a deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it. 

Over the last few years God's really been working on softening my heart. I've been a pretty cut and dry kinda girl most of my life, but when I get into God's Word I notice that Jesus handled so many situations very personally. He connected differenlty with the woman at the well, the leper, Nicodemus and even His own mother. No two interactions were the same! But, His goal was the same...to draw them closer to Himself. He was compassionate. 

A few years ago I had the opportunity to be part of a non-profit and my eyes and heart were opened to the many situations which people find themselves needing compassion. Whether it was a physical, spiritual or emotional need, some of these people where just looking for compassion. More recently I've spent a few moments with a young mother who just buried her 20 week premature baby...and I assure you, she needs compassion. An elderly widow who I've had the honor of getting to know this summer also reminds me that she needs compassion.

Because this attitude only comes from the Lord, I'm so blessed to know He's working on me. It's a little uncomfortable sometimes. I find myself making sure I have tissues in my purse in case I need them...or someone else does. But more than tissues...I find myself needing to be equipped with God's Word, so that in that moment, when God allows, I can speak His words of compassion over a friend, young mother, widow, needy, overwhelmed one that God places in my path. 

In the last few years, Laura Story penned the words to the now well known song, Mighty to Save. The first line says, "Everyone needs compassion, a love that's never failing, let mercy fall on me"  I love nothing better than to hear my kids singing this loudly as we drive down the road. I think that's how God must feel when He sees us demonstrating compassion to this hurting world.


Heart2Heart said...


What a completely moving post this was. This is so true these days where I believe that we as believers need to show more compassion and love for those around us.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Kathy Carlton Willis said...

Gina, the song you mentioned, "Mighty to Save" is one of my favorite songs right now. We sang it at a CLASSeminars even recently and it dug deep into my veins. Now when I hear it, it takes me instantly back to that God-moment. Isn't music good like that? Loved your post! Thanks.