Sunday, August 8, 2010

Are they listening?

You never know when your child is going to be really paying attention. That might be the reason curriculum reinforces the same lesson over and over again in lower elementary grades! Or why the Word of God reinforces many of the same principles repeatedly. Today Savannah had a teachable moment in Sunday School.

Her class is studying the Tribulation and she came home spouting Bible facts left and right. It was unbelievable. She was paying attention...really listening! I could hardly believe what she learned in 45 minutes of Sunday School.

This was such a needed reminder for me. She's watching and listening...maybe not all the time, but I don't get to choose those moments she grasps something or doesn't. So what does that mean for me? As a parent I need to do my best to be on my "A" game all the time. I'm as imperfect as the next mom, so this is a little daunting....but I'm motivated by today's lesson. I want to share those valuable lessons with her over and over again....the ones about love, kindness, Jesus, giving, sacrifice, forgiveness...and so many more, so that in that moment when she is really paying attention she will embrace the facts in today's lesson. It's my responsibility and privilege. I'd hate to think that instead of godliness she grasped anger or mean words, or disrespect....but it could happen if I am not mindful that I don't choose when she is listening....she might just be paying attention at that moment.

God help me be more godly and less human so she has more opportunity to grasp the good and righteous and holy.

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Jinnia said...

Wonderful post! I needed to hear this too. To not give up doing good because at the proper time we'll reap a harvest. I love your reminder that they just might be listening so let's be on our game as parents to sow good seed. Excellent! Thanks also for your kind comment on my blog today!