Monday, February 1, 2010

Warmth on a Winter Day

Yesterday's sermon at church stepped on my toes. Pastor was finishing up a series on Colossians. He was making points regarding Paul remembering those who had walked beside him in his ministry. Onesimus, Luke and others who Paul loved and served beside him witnessing for Christ were mentioned. It was a beautiful picture of how God wants the body of Christ to work together. There's no question, even in this last part of Colossians that as humans there are those who rub us the wrong way and who we would rather NOT work with, but Paul cautions us to be willing to see their strengths also. can hear the heartbreak as his pen touches paper and records the one sentence about the one who served and then left the work of the Lord.

As Bruce and I approach being in the ministry for 16 years we look around and are thankful for those who we serve alongside. I am blessed by the hard work of those in our church. I am blessed by the many years of faithfulness of our pastor. I am thankful for the hours of work unseen by a selfless grounds keeping crew. I am thankful for our music minister and his wife...who do way more than music! I am thankful for the one who makes coffee in our Sunday School class and the ones that take attendance. I am thankful for the secretaries. I am thankful for our musicians who humbly serve each week. For each choir member, teacher, helper, usher, deacon, Caraway and children's choir worker, AWANA worker....and all the ones that escape my mind...I am thankful....and touched by the spirit that exudes from your service. I am thankful for the staff and the closeness we experience - For crazy game nights and fellowship with friends. It refreshes my soul like sunshine on a winter day.

It's good to reflect. Churches don't just happen. I am purposing to be more thankful for those working hard to serve in the body of Christ. I figure if Paul thought it was important to remember...then I should too.

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