Saturday, February 6, 2010


1.Because God is spirit...I will seek intimate fellowship with Him.

2.Because God is all-powerful...He can help me with anything.

3.Because God is ever-present...He is always with me.

4.Because God knows everything...I will go to Him with all my questions and concerns.

5.Because God is sovereign...I will joyfully submit to His will.

6.Because God is holy...I will devote myself to Him in purity, worship and service.

7.Because God is absolute truth...I will believe what He says and live accordingly.

8.Because God is righteous...I will live by His standards.

9.Because God is just...He will treat me fairly.

10.Because God is love...He is unconditionally committed to my well being.

11.Because God is merciful...He forgives me of my sins when I sincerely confess them.

12.Because God is faithful...I will trust Him to always keep His promises.

13.Because God never future is secure and eternal.

- Dr. William R. Bright

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