Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Paths Crossed

Do you ever wonder why God allows your path to cross someone else's...even if just for a brief moment in time? I do. In fact just yesterday, for the second time since we moved to our new town, I was faced with this very question.

About 3:30pm a woman appeared at our door in tears. We didn't know her.She was 60ish...and obviously upset about something. Bruce was home and called me to the door as he was inviting her in (I can see my mom reading this...and having heart failure...sorry, mom....Bruce didn't learn the rule about not allowing strangers in the house) So I offered her some water and peanut butter crackers. She gave us her story (which I probably shouldn't divulge here, so I won't....but I will tell you it was true and heart wrenching) and within minutes we had summed up that fact that the woman was mentally disturbed. Not violent, just confused. We didn't know what to do, so after a few calls to be sure we were doing the right thing, we called the police. I am pretty sure all my neighbors were wondering why 3 police cars were at my house!

They treated her kindly and she went willing with them, I am pretty sure they took her home.

If you remember before Christmas I shared the story about the man digging through our trash, so this story is filed in the same folder. Why God? What was the purpose of our paths crossing? Did we do the right thing?

What I learned from this is that everyone has a story. As I sat and cautiously listened to this ladies story I realized that some terrible and traumatic events can totally change a woman's life. Other's actions impact and influence the mental and emotional state of others. So, if for no other reasons I hope it will make me more tender to the way I treat and speak to others. I also sensed the deep and never-ending love of a mother-that death cannot quench. I hope I never have to experience what this woman has in her life.


Heart2Heart said...


Only God knows the purpose for the paths of those we cross and what the reason for us being there means.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

F. Deaton said...

You guys are always taking in bereft people off your doorstep....I should know. There is a reason He led her to your door, and not the house 7 doors down with an owner who might have slammed the door in her face. You are the hands and feet of the Lord. Love you!