Thursday, December 31, 2009

When Peace Eludes You

Do you know someone who has been through a devastating circumstance and yet, through it all, they have had a peaceful countenance? I've heard it said (by someone important, I am sure) that the depth of your true relationship with Christ is revealed by how you handle things when they fall apart. I've known some real peace-filled people who have managed to rest in the arms of Jesus during life-altering challenges....and then I've known people like me.

It goes something like this:

8:00am- Things are trekking along...T-man is out the door with Bruce for school, Savannah is clearing the sleep from her eyes and we are preparing to start our school day.
9:00am- School is well underway, I'm juggling math questions and pr campaigns for work...and drinking a diet coke to help me remain somewhat sane.
10:00am- Something happens....might be big, might be small...but either way whatever it is didn't make it onto my dayplanner. It's inconvenient, annoying or maybe even enjoyable....but it has the potential to turn my household into a frenzy. to handle these interruptions? I'll be honest and say that sometimes I seek guidance. Those times are beautiful. Consulting with the great Peace Giver always results in feeling better about things. In the stillness of a bathroom prayer (that's where all moms have the best conversations with God...just sayin') I can gain insight, perspective, wisdom and peace. In just moments, I might not have the answer, but I have something much more important: PEACE.

And then there are the other times. The call comes and instead of running to my prayer place or getting still and quiet before the Lord, I make a decision on my own. I reason within myself and try to do what's best. I believe a lie from Satan when he says that I can do this on my own and then I act on my pride. It's disasterous. No matter how GOOD I might think the decision that I made is BAD. It will never bring the peace, comfort, calmness and perspective that a conversation with my God will bring. Picture it this would be like Tucker climbing onto a chair and reaching up high in my pantry to get a snack. DANGEROUS for a 4 year old. Getting a snack wasn't the problem, the way he got it was. It's the same with God. Making a decision isn't's how we make it that matters.

Seeking God puts us in a submissive position. Not popular these days, but necessary for gaining true and long-lasting peace. Something that eludes most these days.

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Kathy said...

Enjoy every quiet moment He calls you aside to listen. Blessings dear friend.