Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merry Christmas Wreath

I missed the deadline to get my wreath in at Keelie's 12 Weeks of Christmas.....I think I was busy doing something like 27 hours of Christmas shopping!
So here it recyled wreath...

This wreath is one that Bruce won at a golf tournament many years ago. Yes....only in Texas do they still play golf in December...and it must have been a thoughtful woman who decided to make one of the prizes a Christmas wreath. Since that time I have recycled this wreath more times than I've changed the color of my hair.

This Merry Christmas sign was one I picked up at The Farmer's Almanac store in Atlanta one year. If you like country decor, you would love that store.

These are ornaments that I ordered at a Southern Living Party hosted by a friend from church. They are metal and very large...about 6-8 inches across. I just wrapped the wreath evergreen around the loop (where you could put a hanger if you wanted to).

And that's my Mery Christmas Wreath. What are you doing to decorate for Christmas? Are you over the top in snowman and reindeer or do you like sleigh bells and holly? Whatever you do, I hope there will be some place in your home where you remember what the season is really all about...the birth of a baby who changed the world....


Kathy said...

We have done no decorating as of yet. I suspect sometime this weekend all the goodies will come out, the tree will go up, and the decorating will go on! : )

Red Writing said...

I LOVE your wreath. The ornaments are really cute! I know all of your trees look beautiful!! Hope you are planning to post those sometime!

I hope you are enjoying the season and getting good and settled into your new home.