Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Vacation in TN

Currently we are vacationing in TN. Our trip started Sunday and we have enjoyed every minute of it so far. One thing that is abundantly clear is how overwhelmingly beautiful God created the earth. His great attention to detail, color, landscape and shape have been in full views as we have climbed mountains, driven through valleys and seen amazing water creatures and wildlife. WOW! It's teaching me a few lessons along the way. God is in the details, He took as much care designing the multiple colors of the maple leaf in the fall as he did the amazing sea turtles and butterflies. God likes different things. He could have only made one shade of green, but instead, he crayola-ed our world with sage, forest, emerald, light, dark, seafoam and an endless array of other greens that I am witnessing on this trip.

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