Monday, November 17, 2008

Catching Up!

We are back from our terrific 2 week vacation through the Smokey Mtns, Cumberland Foothills and Ozarks. It was the best time I have had in my entire life! That's saying a lot since the kids are 6 and 2! We enjoyed seeing so much of God's creation and creativity. We rested, and ran 90 to nothin' and ate some pretty marvelous food. I ate a chattagooey sandwich, apple fritters with apple butter, an ultimate sandwich, potato twirls and lots of other new and different delicacies! We stayed one week in the foot of Look Out Mountain. The other week we stayed in Gatlinburg in the Smokies. I could go on and on....but I would most likely bore anyone taking time to read this besides my family!

So, today, I catch up. I've opened enough mail to start my own a struggling economy you would think businesses would save money by halting their junk mail! I'm updating a media list of 1200 for work and I am doing LAUNDRY! Last night I got to catch up a little with 2 friends and I've done a little catching up through email this morning. It's good to be home...good to be missed and good to miss too!

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