Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Parent's Night at TeamKID I am a little biased, but I think our church has one of the best Children's Ministries I have ever seen. Tonight was parent's night at TeamKID, so needless to say it was a madhouse of parents, siblings and teamKIDS. It was organized might have just been chaos at times, but was AWESOME! The kids signed in and then during the warm up activity they got to make their own trail mix...the good kind with m&m candy! They loved this! DeeDee, Mandy and Wendy did a great job having everything set up and organzied. The theme story was a skit on the story of Ruth. Those actors will get an Academy Award I'm telling you...the drama was unforgetable!

There were probably 100 people there for parent night. The impact this program is having on the lives of the kids on our community won't fully be known on this earth....but I can't wait to see the kids who are called to his service, become good Christian parents, become responsible and loving adults, because of something they learned at TeamKID.

Hat's off to the TeamKID leaders! Awesome job tonight...and yummy trail mix...Savannah shared hers.

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