Friday, November 28, 2008


Bruce and I have been married for 15 years. For most of those 15 years, we have shopped on Black Friday. Some years we have shopped seperately (I'd leave way before him and he would meet up with me later in the day.) However, since we welcomed our two children into the family, for some reason, we have made it a special day to go shop together. Believe's the only time we shop for a full day together!!! Bruce went undiagnosed with ADHD for all of his childhood years...those who know him as an adult can just imagine what a mischievious child he must have been...however as an adult the most I usually have to worry about is him getting heavily distracted when a lot is going on. Thus, shopping the day after Thanksgiving can be eventful, challenging and a bit on the crazy side. This year Bruce decided that we should go to Garden Ridge around 9pm on Thanksgiving night to look for Christmas decor, then we would make our way over to the outlet mall (which opened at midnight) stay for several hours, then we would take a short nap in the car (this is when the flashing red lights should have been sounding loudly in my head) to get "re-energized" and then go to Toys R Us and other places that opened around 4-5am. Then we would come home, take a nap and return to shop around 12noon. This was a CRAZY ADHD idea!!!! So I said....sure. WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! We, along with 1000's of other people braved Black Friday at midnight at the outlet mall. It was unbeliebable. I'm not sure where my brain was when I agreed to all this, but I think it has to do with brain cells and childbirth. Bruce stood out in the pouring rain in the Toys R Us line for 2 hours while I stayed in the I am guessing all my brain cells did not seep out of my body during the birth of my kids. However, my feet tell me tonight that I better use what little brain power I do have and stay off them tomorrow...or else!
I write this in jest. Bruce and I really did have a great time. It's fun doing things a little on the wild and crazy side sometimes...I am glad I have a whole year to recover from this stunt.

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