Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Figuring things out

I know next to nothing about most things. I'm a constant reader and made decent grades in school and college, but I still have only a surface understanding of many things and no understanding of most things. I'm not proud of that, just stating facts.

I am a bit amused these days at the amount of people who have everything figured out...an answer for everything...the last word...know it alls. These people parade around acting like they have never/will never make a mistake, a bad judgement, a wrong turn. What's funny is half the time they don't even have all the information. They don't know the details, the inner workings, the core of the problems, the issues or the laws.

With all there is to know in the world, I think I want to know more about giving people a second chance (this doesn't come easily for me) and about second impressions instead of firsts, apologies and forgiveness and helping build up instead of tear down. But most of these require not having it all figured out. They require understanding, not jumping to conclusions, thinking the best of someone before you think the worst and allowing for mistakes, blunders and wrong turns.I am working on this....because I don't have it all figured out!

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