Thursday, October 16, 2008

Teeth Marks

The other night Tucker and Savannah were snuggled up in Savannah's bed watching a funny movie. Things had been quiet for way too long.....if you're a know exactly what I mean. Well, all of the sudden, Tucker screams out in pain and I hear pitter patter footsteps coming down the hall. He runs to me and says, "Deet (his name for Savannah) bite me". Savannah was quick to her own defense strongly arguing...."not was a wasp". (We had bees in our house earlier in the summer and they are used to seeing I didn't freak out about this statement). So I just figured something had stung or bitten Tuck and didn't think another thing about it. Still Tucker was adament that Deet had bitten him.

The next morning we were getting into the car. I picked Tucker up to put him in his carseat....and guess what I saw...TEETH MARKS. Now, either that wasp had teeth or Savannah was in big trouble. So for the next few minutes I quizzed her about how there could be teeth marks on Tucker's face if it was really a wasp. I should her the size of the teethmarks and said it must have been a mighty big wasp. the end of the interrogation....2 hours later....she had confessed to "accidentally" biting Tuck.

I'm not sure what worries me more:

1. I didn't noticed the gigantic teeth marks on his face that night
2. How long it took Savannah to confess
3. That Savannah thinks a wasp's mouth is the same size as hers
4. That I didn't believe Tucker from the get go

---Just another day!

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