Monday, October 6, 2008

Computer Crankiness

I have been cranky the last two weeks...there, I admit it! About two weeks ago I called Dell about a minor computer problem and over the last two weeks they have managed to replace the mother board, memory (2 times), the hard drive (after they infected my old one), and the cd/dvd driver. WOW...all I really needed was a new battery! Well....all this ended up getting me a new computer at Dell's expense....but what I had to get from one department supervisor to another...well....that's where I got cranky! I had to repeat "That is not acceptable" 40 some odd times before I got anywhere!!! 10 days I will have a new computer. Thankfully someone finally heard me!

Isn't it funny how we have let these modern conveniences become such a huge part of our lives. For me, without a computer I can't pay bills, balance the checkbook, earn a paycheck, listen to music, send email and much more. I am much more prone to clean house and make really good meals though!

So, today Bruce hung out at home, and I have been able to get caught up on all things computer. I feel like I have a better handle on things and can get through the next 10 days without a repeat episode of crankiness! I think my family might like me more!

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