Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fired Up!

Ok, so seriously, since I started blogging I have kept my opinions to myself...but a girl's gotta say what's on her mind every once in a while and so here goes:

In my inbox everyday I get at least three of four emails from Christian or Moral type groups that monitor the state of the morality in our country. Today's email was telling me to write a letter to a TV network regarding a particular tv show that was offensive. Each day I get ads forcasting the decline America will experience if such and such is elected. Sometimes the email is from a someone just making sure I know what a crucial election this is and that the future is looking like heck if Christian don't stand up for what we believe.


I have had enough. I am sick of spending time arguing over the issues, debating how we are going to make it when SS fund have run out...and all the other topics of deliberation for this election.

This is what I think....pure and simple. If every person who has a relationship with Jesus Christ, would spend their time striving to be truly moral...honest, loving, kind, pure, holy, and further more instilling those same virtues (by example and the spoken word) in our children, then we wouldn't have to worry about the future. We could be a little more sure that the hands it was going to be in 20 years from now, would be moral and upright.

By no means do I believe every kid would turn out to love God and their neighbor, but there's a way better chance than if adults sit back and do nothing. I really have struggled with letting my voice be heard. I get entangled into the arguements and debates like the rest. But the bottom line is this: my kids are the next generation of Americans. If I am expecting anyone else to instill morals, godliness or the Bible in them. I am fooling myself. It's my job, my responsibility. My priviledge. That's how I want to spend my time. TV isn't going to get better. Sure we may make temporary changes to a line up until producers have a different angle to get the same message out. I just think Christians can find better things to feeding the poor, clothing the homeless, teaching a Bible study, sharing God's love with the unfortunate and investing some eternal time into our own kids....not passing it on to the church as their responsibility. a Bible study with your kids, teach them the books of the Bible, do the TeamKID worksheet, and talk about what it means to have a relationship. Get on your soapbox about that...and maybe in 20 years we will see a different America!

OK...I'm finished for tonight!

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