Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Everything is coming up pumpkins!

What a great day I had today. There are some moments in time I want to freeze and today was one of them. I took my kids to a pumpkin patch about an hour away from home. It was a total "FUN" Day. We stopped and ate donuts with friends before leaving town and then took our time taking everything in at the patch. I took pics of the kids with their favorite animated characters, ate shaved ice, went on a hayride, the kids played in all sorts of bounce houses, played in the pumpkin patch and talked to the horses and donkeys! We had a blast! I marvel at the sweetness of their innocence and pray they stay sheltered from the harshness of this world for a few more years.

It's not that often that I do fun things out by myself with the kids. Bruce's schedule usually allows for fun things like this to be done together as a family. Today was different and allowed me the chance to spend some mommy time loving and enjoying my kids without all the normal mom commands (don't, stop, no, not now, when your dad gets home....) Thank you Lord!

Went to the GIFT meeting tonight with Bruce. He accepted the nomination to be on their board for the next three years. GIFT is a scholarship program that helps kids who have been raised in our town to be gifted with a scholarship to go to college. It's a great program.

Great day!

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