Friday, July 25, 2008

Random thoughts on God's Will

This study on Proverbs is really challenging me to seek God's will on many issues in my life right now. I also see and hear how it is challenging some of the ladies in the study to really take a deeper look into what they have always thought about knowing "God's Will". I love it. It is very rewarding to see people walk away with something they can use in their everyday life. Thank the Lord for Words that don't expire, or become irrelavant after being read once.

In our house God's Will is a big deal. We are constantly finding out how much we haven't figured out about parenting! We are asking God to show us how to raise these little people. Verses that never popped out to me now jump off the page. I've recently made a career change and that has again, been a test of following God or doing what I felt was the right thing to do. One thing I guess I discovered was that just because you "feel" like you are helping or doing the right thing that if you are seeking Him and He shows you otherwise...the best thing to do is listen to HIM! Bruce is looking into hiring a secretary...need God's will for that...The church is hiring a children's minister...need God's will for that. The church is growing...moving...good things...but so much wisdom is needed in order for us to stay centered in God's will. I love it that His Will comes from His heart and that when I am seeking His Will I am closer to His heart. He is awesome!
If you are struggling to understand, find or determine God's Will for your life, get in the Words of God (Bible) and listen as He whispers it to you! I look forward to hearinng about what He has to tell you!

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