Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Being Intentional in our relationships

Last night at Bible study we talked about relationships....with husbands, friends, children, enemies and nieghbors. WOW! It's amazing that God knew years ago about the things that we would struggle with and deal with today!

Today's activity: search the scriptures for 3 examples of positive relationships. Some that come to mind for me are Ruth and Naomi, David and Jonathon, Timothy and Paul....use them if you have trouble thinking of others. Relect and record qualities that made these relationships work. Then find the scriptures in Proverbs that reiterate their positive relationship qualities.

In other news....our trip to Beaumont last week for Lacey and Philip's wedding went well. I had reservations and concerns (most centering around Tucker's crazy sleep patterns and behavior :)
He was great and only at the end of the wedding started really talking where you could hear him. Of course his singing "Shake, Shake your booty" during the ending prayer was just about enough to send me over the edge in hysterical laughter....but other than was quite uneventful on the behavioral front. We were blessed to see Keven and Katherine, our ministry friends from SE Texas and Bruce had the opportunity to preach Sunday in Houston at "grandpa" bill's church. It was also good to see lots of our old friends at Grace Community.

BUT! There's no place like home....I realized on this trip how much I am really settling in and making Gunter my new home. It's only 21 months into this joyful ride and I am hoping for many more months and years to share this life in Gunter.

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