Monday, July 14, 2008

The Skunk Always Wins!

Saturday night at 11pm I let Annie, our dog, out to go to the bathroom. Things have never been the same. She routinely takes these midnight runs and I have never been sure just what she gallivants around the neighborhood doing. Now I have a much better idea!

About 15 minutes after Annie went outside, I heard a bit of a ruckus outside the back door. I turned on the lights for the backyard and noticed Annie in the yard, repeatedly wiping her paws over her eyes. I opened the door and immediately smelled the reason she was acting so frantically. She'd been skunked! Somewhere very close to home, a skunk had obviously gotten fed up with her, and sprayed their unforgivable smell all over our Wheaten Terrier.

At first this was a little comical. I went to the computer and "googled" "what to do when your dog gets sprayed by a skunk" and quickly realized this problem was going to be harder to solved than I first thought. I read several posts where dog owners shared their experiences, similar to my own, and noted the solution was tomato juice.

Being that small town living doesn't render itself to late night markets and grocery stores, I knew it would be Sunday before I could do anything about Annie. So, we put her kennel outside, and put her in it!

Sunday afternoon, I purchases 6 large bottles of tomato juice and washed Annie 3 times consecutively to take care of the problem. Hopeful, I let Annie air dry, I came in and took a shower and soaked in the hot tub and rejoiced that I had accomplished the daunting tasked of washing the skunked dog.

About an hour after washing, Annie was dry. I was still smelling a little skunky myself, from washing her, but decided it was time to see if the tomato juice had worked. Bruce had taken the kids to the store so I let Annie in the house and waited for them to arrive home and congratulate me for curing the dog of her horrific smell.

Bruce arrived home with the kids. Annie greeted them at the door. Bruce's first words...."That dog still reeks!" Needless to say, I guess because I had been around her for so long, I didn't smell her funk. Hmmmm.....

Isn't there some sort of Biblical application????

Do I even have to tell you that I have put the dog back outside? I'm getting the skunk-be-gone shampoo this afternoon and will attempt to de-skunk her again! Someone has suggested dipping her in febreeze...hmmm.....

I'll keep you posted!

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