Thursday, June 12, 2014

Boston Bound

In a few days my family and I along with 11 others from our church will be headed to Boston to help do some work at Boston Baptist College. 

While there we will be remodeling an apartment where guests from around the world stay while they visit the campus for teaching or meetings. We will also be scraping and painting various areas around campus, planting flower beds, washing down baseboards and making welcome back packets for all the students for when they will return in September. We are excited about ministering to this community of Christian young adults preparing for the ministry and to their staff who lead and teach them.

We will have the opportunity to take in some of the sights of Boston and the New England area. I'm sure we will be taking lots of pictures and I'll post some when we return.

Why Boston? Well, funny you should ask. Over a year ago Bruce had the opportunity to visit the campus, speak in chapel and get acquainted with the campus and professors better. He came back to Texas extremely excited to see this Biblical institution training up young men and women in an area of the country where our Biblical worldview is challenged on a daily basis. In the midst of his excitement he also became burdened for the lack of Christianity in this city that seems so foundational in our Christian heritage in America. Humanism, cultural influences and our straying from Godly principles in government has influenced the Boston culture greatly. After visiting with the president of the college six months ago, Bruce felt very compelled for us to help this institution as they raise up a generation of pastors, teachers, preachers, worship leaders who are preparing to take the gospel to our own country and abroad.

Boston ranks 91 of 96 in the least Bible minded cities in America. By helping Boston Baptist College we are hoping to help with their efforts of spreading the Bible's message, Christ's message to their city as their students work, minister and reach out to their city for four years or more while they make Boston their home.

What can you do? Pray...for safety and for seeds to be planted and for God to bless our efforts. We want to be an encouragement to the people we minister with and also to have opportunities to share the gospel as the Lord opens the doors.

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