Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth Fun

It's been 7 weeks since I left Sulphur Springs...until yesterday. I'm not kidding.

I haven't ran (in my car of course) to Greenville or Rockwall or even a mad dash over to the scrapbook store in Winnsboro. Nothing. Nada. Nil.

I'm not sure why. Maybe it's my newfound love for being home. Or my desire to be less of a consumer and more diligent in using what I have. Maybe it's the cost of gas. Maybe it's the fact that I haven't really needed to so why would I? Whatever.

So when Bruce had the day off and we could do anything in the world we wanted to...I made a list of the things my family needed for some upcoming traveling we will be doing and we headed to Rockwall. We ate, shopped, looked and enjoyed our day out on the town.

We got back home just in time to get ready for Taekwondo lessons, where many students are getting ready to go to World Competition (thus, the reason the studio was open). As soon as we finished there, we raced home, changed clothes and surprised the kids with tickets to Despicable Me 2. Cute movie.

Just as we finished the Country Club was setting off fireworks so we were able to enjoy the sky on our way home...the long way of course!

I enjoyed the day more than usual probably. Bruce's phone was quiet, the kids behaved, we found some great bargains, the weather was decent...even had a shower and we ate some good food. If only every day could be so magical...

As we prayed with the kids yesterday, we reminded ourselves of this great country, thankful for the freedoms we still have, thankful for the men and women who stand up for what is right and good and biblical and pray that America will draw near to the heart of God. We are America...we the people...oh that we would draw near to Him. This is my prayer for our America.

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