Saturday, July 6, 2013

4 Suitcases

The mess is enormous. Between the clean laundry on the table and the 4 open suitcases at my feet, not to mention scattered Legos and a few pieces from a newly acquired western town set on the floor, life is a little messy.

Bruce and the kids are headed to camp Monday morning, but before they leave, I leave for Georgia to be with my stepdad who has just had hip replacement surgery. I'm driving with a friend who will keep me company and awake as we drive into ATL around 1am Monday morning.

So, that being said, I'm trying to get everyone packed up so that Bruce, bless his heart, won't be responsible for any of the wardrobe choices. He has good intentions...truly he does. But somewhere between orange and fuchsia, the lines of color get blurred and some of his color combinations resemble more cartoonish flavorings than what I like my kids to be wearing. Besides, he has enough responsibilities to take care of today.....getting the car ready for me, buying snacks for the trip, getting the ice chest ready, loading the cars up....

Does anybody else feel like they're moving everytime they go out of town????

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