Tuesday, July 31, 2012

When Little People Teach Big Lessons

This summer has been a little different around our house. I've been in the midst of preparing to teach a new grade at school. I'll be going from pre-school teacher to 1st grade in a few weeks, and that has meant a lot of prep work to wrap my mind around. I've also been adjusting to being the mom of the pastor's kids and if my radar wasn't up before regarding my kids behavior...my poor kids...nobody is as hard on them as me! And then we've been extremely busy ...but who cares...so are you.

BUT, my kids have taught me a few really good lessons this summer...and I thought I'd pass them on to you.

1. You need at least one pajama day a week.

2. Your perspective changes when you are in a home made sheet fort. The world goes away for a few minutes and even laundry can't hinder you from taking a break!

3. Re-runs of Seventh Heaven and Heartland are just as good as the first time....especially when you didn't see them the first time.

4. Even moms can win at Mario Cart....when the kids let her!

5. Dinner may take 5 times longer to prepare, but nothing beats two kids in aprons helping.

6. It's ok to have a pile of flip-flops at the door. Makes going out for a quick snow cone, or to chase the ice cream truck down much easier.

7. Housecleaning is easier with Toby Mac blaring. I apologize to my elderly neighbors.

8. Hide and Go Seek in the house is way more fun if you tag with a nerf gun.

9. Never throw away random nuts, bolts or screws you find. Tucker learned to use the screw driver this summer.

10. I'm not getting this time back. Fill it will love and memories. In a flash it's all you have left.

Hope you're enjoying the last few weeks with your kids before school starts back! I know I will!

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Kristy Brewer said...

Loved this!