Friday, July 20, 2012

How to Fix a Flat

Neither Bruce or I are mechanics. In fact, other than changing a flat and putting gas in my car, I can't do much more than read the gauges...and sometimes that's a little sketchy!

Bruce had gone up to the camp to see our Jr. High kids on Wednesday. He was going to stay overnight and come home Thursday. He took our kids with him for fun and on the way home picked up an extra kid from our church who needed to get home to leave for vacation early on Friday. They were heading home, cruising at 70 mph when they had a blowout.

As you can tell by the tire, this was pretty bad. Tucker said he thought someone was shooting at the car because the noise was so loud. For some reason I think it was a disappointment to realize he wasn't in the middle of a modern day shoot-em-out.

The thing is, they were in the middle of nowhere except for this one little worn out gas station with a restaurant. Thanks God. Then there just happened to be a DPS officer there to help Bruce get the kids into the restaurant and get the tire changed. Thanks God. There also just happened to be was a wheel welder there to help fix the damage to our least temporarily. Thanks God. And the restaurant employees wanted to feed my kids. Thanks Again God!

So, for whatever reason this happened, God took care of each and every detail to protect my family. Sometimes I take for granted all the time we spend on the road. I was reminded again today that so much can happen in a moment's time. Take nothing for granted.

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