Monday, July 16, 2012

Thanks God...

- For your protection over Savannah while she was at camp last week and for wonderful counselors who took such good care of her!

- For some recent girlfriend time that nourished my heart.

- For an unexpected blessing of a meal paid for while we were out eating recently....and not just our meal, but the meal of the people we were eating with...there were 10 of us altogether!

- For missionaries who share ideas for ministry.

- For golden opportunities to love.

- For your undeniable presence in our church.

- For tears that flow freely out of worship.

- For real fellowship that lingers more than an hour after church is over.

- For hard conversation made easier because you reside in the lives the of hearer and talker

- For music that touches the soul no matter the mood.

- For dreamers and visioneers and hope-filled people who see potential.

- For prayer time with believers who WANT to pray and WANT to hear from you.

- For altars full with heartbroken people who desire to be fixed with the Truth of God's Word.

- For using the broken, the out of sorts, the shy, the misfits and the unsure...along with those who seemingly have it all together...God truly does make Beautiful Things.

The last seven months have been a roller coaster of emotion and hope and doubt and trust and unrest within me. Over the last month its been a relief to have so many unknowns settled for my little family and, in a way, our church. Being in limbo is never fun (or at least not for me). It requires such trust in the God who sees past today. I'm changed because of limbo. My faith and trust in God is strengthened and my hope is secure, not because of ANYTHING I did, but because over and over God was faithful to give hope and purpose to the waiting and the in between.

What's God doing in your life...your family...your church?

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