Friday, May 25, 2012


I was reading a book the other day and I guess Tucker had called my name a couple of times, when he climbed up on the arm of the chair, cupped my chin, turned my face toward himself and said, "I've been calling your name". Ouch...what a way to get my attention. I didn't purposefully tune him out or ignore him. The fact is, I just wasn't listening.

There have been other times when I should have listened to those around the time I colored my hair maroon, or the time I bought the make money from your home kit off TV, or the time spent way too much money on a pair of shoes that were a 1/2 size too small because I just thought they were soooo cute and I could break them in, stretch them, right?.  I think you get the picture. Each time I had someone whispering in my ear (sometimes loudly), don't do it!

But each time, I did my own thing. That's what we're good at, isn't it? Doing our own thing. It's in us to go our own way, seek our own will and satisfaction. It's what we're made of...our flesh..our sin-infested flesh. And each time we do our own thing....there is a voice...a spirit saying....don't do it.

Unfortunately, we're not naturally good listeners. So, like Tucker on the arm of my chair, God sometimes has to get our attention. He gently calls our name...and when we don't answer...sometimes He cups our face and says..."I've been calling your name". He wants us to be in tune with His voice. Always listening...waiting to hear Him calling our name. No, it's not always purposeful when we don't hear Him. We aren't necessarily ignoring Him, fact is....we just don't listen.

Lately this is a lesson I've been reminded of. Sometimes I get so involved in my book, or life, or parenting, or church or ministry or work, that I miss His voice...the only voice that matters at all. I'm reminded that it's the meek and quiet spirit that God desires (I Peter 3:4) and that He cautions us to be still and know Him (Psalm 46:10). In all that quietness perhaps it will be easier to hear that most important voice of all.

Thanks Lord, for being patient with me....and for speaking to me in the stillness, for cupping my face when I've been to involved in other things...for even calling my name at all. Those are the moments I want more of....more moments with you.

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